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Officers 2020 - 2023

Governor - Patrick White

Deputy Governor - Suzanne Ress

Recording Secretary - Ann Wilkerson

Corresponding Secretary - Kenneth Whittemore, Jr.

Treasurer - Susie Wuest

Historian - Barbara Williams

Captain - Charles Provost

Elder - D. Alan Smith

Officers 2017 - 2020

Officers were formally elected at the first meeting of The Pilgrim William White Society, which took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in October, 2017.

Governor - D. Alan Smith

Deputy Governor - Patricia (Pat) Nichols

Recording Secretary - Patrick White

Corresponding Secretary - Susie Wuest

Treasurer - Prarie Counce

Historian - Barbara Williams

Captain - William (Bill) Kelleher

Elder - Kenneth R. Whittemore, Jr.

2017 Officers

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